A: While Venture 313 does not guarantee funding, it does allow entrepreneurs to follow self-guided Venture 313 Playbooks that will prepare them for funding opportunities with each participating partner. 

A: No, all you need is an idea! Venture 313 is designed to support entrepreneurs from pre-seed (ideation) to first round (scale) stages.

A: A business that has “scalability” often refers to a business that has the capacity to grow to meet its increased demand. A business that can scale up successfully should also benefit from a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production.

A: Yes, the self-guided Playbooks allow you to complete the necessary steps to prepare you for applying for venture capital.

A: Yes, the Venture 313 Playbooks help you understand what is needed for each stage of funding.

A: Of course, mentors play a huge role in supporting entrepreneurs through the maze of information that is available. Email us at info@venture313.com to get involved!

A: Yes, Venture 313 is supported on all mobile and tablet devices.

A: Partnerships are evaluated each year - if you are an industry expert, we would love to hear from you! Email us at info@venture313.com to get involved!

A: Yes. Venture 313 intentionally invests in businesses that help drive Detroit’s innovative economy. Consideration will be given to those businesses that promote growth opportunities for Detroit through job creation, economic development, and market growth.

A: After creating an account, users will be able to build their user profile and complete their Journey Planner. This Journey Planner will provide entrepreneurs with self-guided Playbooks uniquely tailored to their needs. This includes instructions on conducting market research, completing a competitive analysis, working toward the creation of an MVP, obtaining loans and other funding, preparing for demo calls and more.

Venture 313 content is constantly evolving to match the needs of Detroit entrepreneurs, so new Playbooks will be added often. Be sure to check back to see what new learning opportunities are available.